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Operation Impact

What does Operation Impact look like?

Our desire is to see communities "adopted" by their local churches. We would love to connect with your church to impact the children and families in your area. We provide a team of young adults to help run the clubs, but many of them are not local. Your church is. Join us in spreading the good news of God's Kingdom here in OKC starting with the next generation!

The teams that come to your church will be prepared to teach the clubs, but we encourage and welcome participation from your church volunteers! This is an opportunity for the Summer Missionaries to practice sharing what they have learned as well as an amazing chance for the volunteers from the churches to jump in and work directly with the children in their communities. Below are more ways that you can help as a volunteer.

Teams of Summer Missionaries join us for a few weeks in the summer to receive training on how to work with children effectively, specifically in the aspect of sharing the Good News. They are divided into teams of 4-5 people and sent out to work with our church partners. The teams will come to each club with all the materials and lesson content needed for the Bible lessons, verses, songs, missionary stories, and games.

DISCIPLESHIP is huge! We would love to see the children consistently discipled even after Operation Impact. This is why we partner with local churches. We highly encourage participation from your church so that the children and families get to know your church family. An amazing opportunity for your entire church to get involved in welcoming families is the Friday Night Celebration on the last day of Bible Club!


Listen to how God is working through our church partners to reach their communities for Christ.

Operation Impact Mission Statement

Making Christ known in our communities.

The Need

The world around us is in desperate need. Without Christ, children are growing up under the influence of crime, gang activity, dysfunctional families, and immorality. They need to know that there is hope. There is a Savior, Jesus Christ, who brings forgiveness, freedom, and a future.

The Vision of Operation Impact

Connect committed believers with their community. Disciple children in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Mobilize world-changers to stand in the gap for the next generation.


Children consistently hear about Christ in their own community. Families are connected with a local church where they are receiving teaching and support from committed, caring believers. The church is inspired and equipped to effectively share the gospel, bringing God glory in their community!

We desire to partner with churches who:


  • Are committed followers of Jesus Christ.

  • Have an eternal perspective and a desire to make a difference in their community.

  • Are passionate about discipling children and adults in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

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Operation Impact 2023!

“In The Gap has demonstrated themselves as a much needed training ground for future leaders and servants in the Kingdom of God. They serve as a godly example for our children, our youth, and our adults. They have thoroughly helped Bryant Avenue Baptist Church to impact our community and beyond. Through Operation Impact children have been connected to the church which has given us the opportunity to continue to minister to families we had previously been unable to reach. At Bryant Avenue we are extremely thankful for In The Gap and their heart for the lost, and their willingness to serve.”

Pastor M. D. Hooks

Typical Schedule of Club (2 hours):

Game time – 30 min

Welcome (prayer & rules) – 8 min

Song – 3 min

Verses – 8 min

Song – 3 min

Bible lesson – 12-15 min

Song – 3 min

Missionary story – 10-12 min

Review game – 8 min

“It’s been an awesome experience to see all these young people coming together. We couldn’t wait for you guys to come back this year. I see great seeds that are being sown that are going to impact the world.”

Cedric Ford

Church Volunteer