Operation IMPACT

Connect. Disciple. Mobilize.

What is it?

Operation IMPACT is a summer outreach designed to Connect Churches with Their Communities, Disciple Children, and Mobilize Young People. Our goal for 2018 is to equip and mobilize 50 summer missionaries who will work together with 15 churches to minister to children at 35 5-Day Bible Clubs in Northeastern Oklahoma and Oklahoma City!


June 12-30, 2018

Who can be involved?

Young people 14 years or older to serve as summer missionaries. No previous experience required.
Church volunteers ages 14 years or older. No previous experience required.

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Praises from Operation IMPACT 2016

Children attended clubs

Bibles given out

Gospel presentations

Locations held 5-day clubs

Church Volunteers

Children counseled

Tracts given out

Partnering Churches

Young people trained

Children accepted Christ

“Of all things, God used Operation IMPACT to teach me to pray. Even if there were lots of other things I needed to do, God taught me to always seek Him first.”

Abigail Reeves

“God used Operation Impact in my life to renew in my heart a love for children and a passion for sharing the gospel. God showed His faithfulness so much those weeks!”

Angela Medford

“During Operation IMPACT, God sparked in me a new hunger to reach whole communities for Christ.”

Melinda McAteer

Why we are doing Operation IMPACT:

There are children right now growing up with no hope for the future. They are growing up in this fallen world and don’t know that there is a different path that can be taken other than what they’ve always seen. Jesus’ love makes a difference in every aspect of our lives and eternity. We have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love with them, to share hope for their future. We have a chance to show them the way to the kingdom of God.

For young people who are interested in serving as summer missionaries. We want to see you reach the potential that God has given you. Time is short and the only investments that will last are the eternal ones. We want you to be inspired and to catch, or deepen a vision for reaching out to the lost. To be equipped and mobilized to share the gospel with children. And to grow in your relationship with Jesus and see Him work in impossible ways through you.

Churches, we want to partner with you to accomplish the great commission. To work alongside you in your community, providing a connecting point for you and your community so that you can disciple more for Christ Jesus.

“How then shall they call on Him in whom they have not believed? And how shall they believe in Him of whom they have not heard? And how shall they hear without a preacher?”