Operation IMPACT Sponsorship Page:

There are children right now growing up with no hope for the future. They are growing up in this fallen world and don’t know that there is a different path that can be taken other than what they’ve always seen. Jesus’ love makes a difference in every aspect of our lives and eternity. Right now we have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love with them, to share hope for their future. We have a chance to show them the way to the kingdom of God. Join us in reaching children all across Oklahoma City this summer by becoming a IMPACT Sponsor!

Ways you can Invest and make an eternal Impact this summer:

Impact a Child

For $17 you can sponsor a child to attend a week-long Bible Club in her own neighborhood.

Impact a Community

Your investment of $300 will sponsor an entire week-long Bible Club!  You will provide the opportunity for at least 17 children to participate in a Bible Club right in their neighborhood where they will have the opportunity see, feel , and know just how much Jesus loves them!