Julie Alspaugh

Julie serves as the Finance Manager at In The Gap by overseeing all the financial aspects of our ministry. She has an eye for detail and a passion for excellence.

Julie Alspaugh

“I was born and raised in sunny Florida. The Lord has blessed me with two sisters and two brothers. I enjoy hiking and other similar outdoor activities, but am not a huge fan of sports. My hobbies include reading, writing, and spending time with my family. I enjoy investing in the lives of little children, and believe that God has called me to work with the little ones others often overlook or disregard.

Over the years the Lord has called me to work in Oklahoma City on a number of occasions. I did not feel adequate for the service He called me to but He is more than sufficient to do it through me. He promises never to leave His children and admonishes us to be content with the abundant care He lavishes on us. How can anyone turn away from such a Guide?
The enemy is strong and is hard at work but the Lord has conquered him. He is looking now for people who are willing to stand up and follow Him in vanquishing the foe. Please keep In The Gap in your prayers as we go out each day into the battlefield.”


Finance Manager, In The Gap

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