Operation Impact

Seeing lives transformed as Christ’s name is lifted up in every community

What is Operation Impact?

Operation Impact is a summer missions program where young adults come from around the world for training and the opportunity to serve.

First, you attend hands-on training and practice teaching dynamic bible lessons, sharing the gospel effectively, working with kids in a fun way, and growing personally in your walk with the Lord.

After training week, you and your team deploy into the city and begin 5-day bible clubs for kids in their neighborhoods. As you teach the gospel and show the love of Jesus, you will experience the power of the gospel as it changes lives all around you. 

At Operation Impact, there’s no such thing as a comfort zone. You will go beyond what you thought you were capable of and watch God work in big ways.

Are you ready to make an impact this summer?


Operation Impact is a summer missions experience for young adults ages 14+ who are passionate about knowing Jesus & making him known.


Our hands-on training equips students to share the gospel effectively, work with kids in a fun way, teach dynamic Bible lessons, and grow closer to Jesus personally. After training, the teams deploy into the city and begin 5-day Bible clubs for kids in the local neighborhoods. The Bible Clubs are held at parks, apartment complexes, and community centers to share the gospel with children who might otherwise never hear it.


Located in the heart of Oklahoma City, our campus is complete with dorms, a cafeteria, sports fields, and a recreational gym. It is the perfect launching pad for students as they serve in the surrounding community.

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Do you want to help, but aren’t sure how to get involved? Partner with us to equip young people to impact eternity and to make a difference in the lives of children! Help us make Clubs for children in the community possible.

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“Operation Impact was one of the best things that could have happened to me. I had to get my focus off myself, stop thinking about how silly I thought I looked, and just plain stop thinking about ME.”

Callie Dhority

Summer Missionary 2018

Our Goal at Operation Impact:

Connect Communities

Partnering churches bring the light of Christ directly to their communities through week-long Bible Clubs and a Friday Night Celebration. The Bible Clubs are held at parks, apartment complexes, and community centers to share the gospel with children who might otherwise never hear it. The Friday Night Celebration, held at the church, is a time for the children from the clubs, their families, and members from the church to meet together. They enjoy a presentation, food, fun, and fellowship, and a chance for the parents to hear the Good News that they’re children have been hearing all week.

Disciple Children

Children are evangelized and discipled through the dynamic week-long Bible Clubs held right in their communities. They are taught life changing Bible lessons, inspiring missionary stories, and memorable Bible verses and songs. They also enjoy snacks and games. Each two hour Bible Club allows children to hear about the hope Jesus offers and experience His love through the volunteers and teachers. This also becomes a great opportunity to build relationships with the children and their families for further consistent discipleship.

Mobilize World-Changers

Teams of Summer Missionaries work alongside volunteers from local churches. Through this partnership, the ministry in OKC does not end after the last day of club. Volunteers from the local churches continue investing in the children and their families long after the Bible Clubs have ended. Summer Missionaries receive training and experience that inspires them to make a difference for eternity. They are equipped with practical skills to effectively reach children with the gospel wherever they go.

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