Chrysendrea Lee

Chrysen serves as the Curriculum Developer at In The Gap. Having a love for teaching and a passion to communicate truth in practical yet deep ways, Chrysen develops Biblically based character curriculum as well as scripts for training videos. She is also actively involved in teaching and training the young people who come through Operation Impact. She has a love for Jesus that encourages those around her to love Him more as well.

Chrysendrea Lee

“Born and raised in northern California, I come from a family of six children. Being the oldest of the six, I am a goal-oriented person and love getting things done!

 My interest in working with children started when I began teaching Sunday school to kindergartners at my church. When I came to In The Gap, I learned so much about working with kids. And even though I came to teach THEM, God also used them to teach ME!

 Not only that, but I grew profoundly in my relationship with God. He used In The Gap to expand my vision for souls, eternity, and following Him wholeheartedly. God showed Himself to be real, mighty, gracious, and deeply attuned to our needs and circumstances.

 Through all these experiences, my life was changed! Now, my heart’s desire is to pass on the skills, vision, and experiences that I’ve been given. All so that more and more people will come to trust in Jesus as their Savior and walk with Him.”


Curriculum Developer, In The Gap

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