Making a Difference

Each and every day we pray and ask God to cause our hearts to be attentive to the Holy Spirit’s promptings. We do this because along with being a role model and example, we need to be there to comfort and counsel kids that we come in contact with. We never know when one word or action will positively influence a student. God knows when a child needs advice or help and we don’t want to miss any opportunity that God places in our path. Our prayer is that God will use each and every circumstance to His honor and glory and that His name will be proclaimed in every action.

A Clip from Real Life

“One day, as I was about to leave a school, I saw three 1st grade boys sitting on a bench in front of the school office. I knew that normally if a kid was sitting on one of those benches he or she was either in trouble or sick. I walked over, knelt down in front of the boys, and asked,

‘So, why are you guys sitting on this bench?’ One of the boys looked at me mischievously and answered,

‘We were fighting on the playground and we got suspended.’

‘Do you think that that was a wise choice?’ I looked at the boys one by one and they each shook their head, except the last boy. He nodded his head. I was a little shocked by this action and so I proceeded to talk to him more about it.

‘Why do you think that it was a wise choice?’

‘Because… I wanted to get suspended. I hate school!’

‘Why do you hate school?’

‘Because nobody cares about me here. Nobody cares about me at home either.’

Blonde hair, blue eyed Brandon ended up telling me why school was hard and why he didn’t like it. He also explained to me that his mom had run off, leaving him and his brother to stay with a father who told his children daily that it would make him happy if they died and he didn’t have to have kids in his house any more. Brandon shared with me how he had seen his brother holding one of their dad’s guns and he admitted that their had been days when he just wanted to take the gun and “end it all.” We talked for a while about the importance of life and how we shouldn’t just throw it away because it got hard sometimes. I had to leave after talking with him about thirty minutes, but I went to the school counselor’s office and explained to her what was going on.

That day, I left Brandon in capable, loving hands, but the next week I came back to that school only to find out that Brandon, his brother, and his dad had moved away. I don’t know what God has in store for this young man, but I pray that the little time I had with Brandon made a difference in his heart that will last him his lifetime.”

~ Brianna

In The Gap Intern

You never know when a few words will make the difference in a person’s life; in whether or not they choose life over death. Regardless of where we are working, whether with In The Gap or back home with our own family and friends, our hope and prayer is that God will choose to use us to continually be making a difference.