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The Leadership Missions Program has been postponed for the 2023-2024 School Year. Please check back Spring 2024 for additional updates.

In the meantime, check out Operation Impact, our summer missions program!

You’re young, strong, and free.

Have you ever wondered why?

The world will tell you there’s no reason and that you should enjoy it all for yourself.

But they’re wrong.

The truth is you were uniquely set in this time and place to make a difference with your youth, your strength, and your freedom.

And you know it.

Something calls to you that’s bigger than ordinary life.

In your heart you know there’s more to life than just getting a good education, starting a career, finding a picture-perfect spouse, settling down and retiring.

Maybe you’ve tried to make a difference. But it was too hard to find the time and space to just stop and change course with all the force of a perverse and self-seeking culture bearing down on you. 


Let us help.


The In The Gap Leadership Missions Training combines the vital skills of leadership development with the golden mandate of reaching the world with the good news of Christ, starting with the “least of these.”

Our missioneers (ages 15-22+) come to our campus for an onsite experience in the heart of the wind blown mission fields of Oklahoma City. You are immersed in a positive culture that encourages you to build your life around the authority of Christ.

You’re also equipped and involved in impacting the leaders of the future (who happen to still be children).

It’s our passion to help you think beyond the moment and invest in what really matters. We specialize in equipping you with the tools and resources needed to start your mission right away.

We’ve done the leg work. We’ve made the connections. We have the passion and experience. We provide the training, the mission opportunity, the support, the growth environment, the tools — everything you need. 

All that’s left is for you to come with the desire to learn and the hunger to make a difference.

Join us for our next session!


If you want to:


  • Reach Children with the power and beauty of the Gospel
  • Gain a deeper awareness of how your life fits into God’s eternal history
  • Learn to clearly and confidently share your faith
  • Cultivate confidence in your God-given capacity
  • Develop long-lasting, deep friendships with passionate Christian peers
  • Solidify your personal faith in Christ
  • Dramatically expand your Comfort zone 
  • Realize your own weakness and rely on God’s power…

Then consider joining the mission through our immersive training program.

Considering a Gap Year?

Do you want to do something that will truly make a difference?

Preparing to graduate high school, but not sure what’s next? Tired of being shoe-horned into the average expectations of others?

Consider joining us for a gap year!

There’s no better time to get rooted in your faith than before it will be tested greatly. Get suited up for battle. Be equipped. Live beyond yourself. Serve the least of these. Meet God in a new way, and realize His power for your life like you’ve never seen. Then, you’ll be fully equipped and ready to take the battle for truth wherever you go — college, the workplace, home, the mission field, and beyond.

Pricing Overview

Early Bird: $2200
(Ends one month before session start date)

Regular: $2600

Elements of the Program


Reach out to the next generation


Become confident in your teaching skills


Become strengthened in God’s Truth


Spend a week connecting with God


Become prepared to make a difference with your life


Live alongside like-minded peers

Student Testimonials


“I will never be the same because of how God used In The Gap in my life. From the incredibly useful tools and training I learned, to the tight bonds with the other teammates, the little lives I saw changed and spiritual self discipline I grew in, I strongly encourage any other young person, who is serious about God, to attend In The Gap.”


“My time at In The Gap was absolutely one of the best experiences of my life! Through the
training, I gained confidence and skills in lesson planning and communication. It was refreshing to be in a spiritually focused environment. It helped me become more firmly grounded in the Bible and my beliefs. ITG definitely gave me a passion for ministry and serving others!”

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