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Illustrated Children’s Hymn Book

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Video - 7

The Three Chairs ~ Bruce Wilkinson

The Gospel ~ Eric Ludy

Intercession ~ Eric Ludy

The Circle Maker Session 1 ~ Mark Batterson

Becoming a Romans 12 Christian ~ Chip Ingram

Watch the entire “R12: True Spirituality” series by Chip Ingram online by clicking the links below, or visit the site at:


Click the links below to watch each session in Chip Ingram’s “R12: True Spirituality” Series on his website.

Introduction: God’s Dream for Your Life

Surrender: How to Give God What He Wants the Most

Separate: How to Get God’s Best for Your Life

Self-assessment: How to Come to Grips with the Real You

Serving: How to Experience Authentic Community

Supernaturally: How to Overcome the Evil Aimed at You

Next Steps: Taking the Next Steps to Becoming a Romans 12 Christian


Audio - 7

Jamie Lash - The New Creature - tilted2

Check out other great audio sermons by Jamie Lash at:

Three Minutes to Live

Find other great resources by Ray Comfort at:


Books - 7

Not A Fan2The Circle Maker
Billy Graham
Leadership Axioms
The Christian's Secret of a Happy LifeNext Generation Leader
The Butterfly Effect


Websites - 7


For amazing resources, helpful information, and encouraging updates on what God is doing around the world, check out some of the great websites below.

For some great information and insight into Science and the Bible, check out Answers in Genesis at:


Follow the work that God is doing through Ravi Zacharias at RZIM, and tap into some great teaching and additional resources that RZIM offers.

Focus on the Family’s “The Truth Project” is an incredible resource that gives a wholesome perspective on a Biblical Worldview. Check out the site below to learn more.


Find some great tools, videos and other insightful resources from Ray Comfort and others at: