Isabella Lee

Serving as a Curriculum Developer, Isabella brainstorms, critiques, composes, and illustrates Bible-based curriculum. Isabella uses her drawing skills to make the curriculum both unique and fun. She is also an excellent trainer and invests deeply in the young people who come through Operation Impact.

Isabella Lee

“I was born and raised in California, the third oldest of six children. As a child, I enjoyed learning new things from books, articles, and encyclopedias. My passion for learning inspired me to share information with those around me. I had always enjoyed teaching, so when I came to In The Gap as an intern, my passion for learning and teaching grew even more. Discovering deeper things about God and sharing these truths with children was a highlight of my session. Working on the In The Gap curriculum has given me the opportunity to reach an even greater audience for Christ.

I pray that God will reach, teach, and change many lives through this work He’s given me to do. It is thrilling that God has placed me right here, right now, for this purpose. I look forward to seeing how He will continue to use me in the future!”


Assistant Curriculum Developer, In The Gap

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