One morning, while a little girl named Serena was wandering around her neighborhood with nothing to do, a church bus drove by and offered her a ride to church. That bus ride marked the turning point in her young life. Serena became a Christian and began attending church every Sunday. Her single mother began attending church with her and quickly gave her life to Jesus! Because one church was willing to go outside its four walls into the community, Serena and her mother’s lives were forever changed. Serena’s grandma later also gave her life to the Lord!

God writes amazing stories, and it doesn’t end there! The little girl on the church bus grew up, married, and had children who came to know the Lord. The ripple effect continues as Serena now serves in her church’s children’s ministry, reaching the next generation with the truths of God’s Word. Serena’s story and many others continue to light our passion for sharing the Gospel with the next generation and connecting the church to the mission field right in our own backyard!

Because one church was willing to go outside its four walls into the community, Serena and her mother's lives changed forever.

Public schools are one of our country’s most unreached mission fields, and the door is wide open for churches to share the Gospel through after-school Bible Clubs. The harvest is plentiful, with over 1,300 elementary schools in Oklahoma alone. What if we brought the church to the school? Imagine how many kids could be reached with the Gospel! Ninety percent of a child’s worldview is established by the time they reach 13 years of age. There is a window of opportunity to influence a child’s belief that has a life-changing impact.

Our goal with Impact Oklahoma is to equip churches with tools to share the Gospel with this next generation. We offer free volunteer children’s ministry training that is practical and hands-on. Our training mobilizes churches to launch a Bible Club at their local school and to reach kids in desperate need of the Gospel. In 2024, we look forward to reaching our state and nation and giving every child the opportunity to see, feel, and know how much Jesus loves them.

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