Early on Christmas Eve morning, a pipe broke on the first floor of the dorm building at the In The Gap campus. It was discovered as water began coming into the apartments at 4:30 am! What a mess!

The hallway was covered in an inch of water! Our conservative estimate is that we lost over 40,000 gallons of water. 96% of the first floor had standing water on it. We had water coming out of the west entryways which made an ice skating rink in the parking lot! It was VERY impressive!!

We had a great group of volunteers who pitched in immediately, and helped get the standing water taken care of. On Saturday night, a very reputable water mitigation company came out. Over the next couple days, they set up dehumidifiers and began working on the floors and walls.

Please continue to pray for abundant favor with the insurance company! We had amazing help with the initial push to clean up and this mitigation company has been amazing to work with! It has been such a blessing. We have so much to be thankful for!