Have you ever prayed for someone for six whole months? I have. There was a girl in particular that I taught about half a year ago. What made her stand out was that she was looking for acceptance, but trying to get it in all the wrong ways. She would put on an act of defiance in order to get attention, but that would often get her into trouble. Back then, by the end of our teaching time at Bible club, she would often leave angry and upset. I was unsure how to show God’s love to her, especially since I was now a leader for another group of girls.

Unexpectedly, I ended up getting switched to teaching her just for that day. It didn’t take long to realize that God had been changing her. She was engaged the entire time! The act of defiance was completely gone. What happened? I got to witness God’s hand at work!

Sometimes I feel like it’s all up to me to cause a change in the kids, but it’s not. He is the One who causes lasting change. It wasn’t a super awesome Bible story or a class with perfect content that changed this young girl; it was simply the fact that we have a powerful God who works through prayer. I no longer have to worry  whether or not I have the perfect lesson plan, because God has given me peace in knowing that He will change these students in His perfect way. Rebekah Dery, Level 2

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