August 25th – November 16th

“Are you ready to make an impact?”

The Purpose

The purpose of In The Gap’s Leadership Academy is to challenge young adults to grow in their relationship with the Lord, become grounded in a biblical worldview, and live as salt and light in the world.

We offer effective tools and hands-on experience in order to communicate truth in both Christian and secular settings in Oklahoma City, at home, and around the world.

Dates and Costs:

Fall 2019 Dates

Session: August 25th-November 16th

Regular Sign-up: $2600
July 1st-August 10th

Registration Ends: August 10th

Winter 2020 Dates

Session: January 5th-March 15th

Early Bird Sign-up: $2200
October 13th-November 9th

Regular Sign-up: $2600
November 10th-December 21st

Registration Ends: December 21st

Spring 2020 Dates

Session: March 29th-May 24th

Early Bird Sign-up: $2200
January 26th-February 22nd

Regular Sign-up: $2600
February 23rd-March 7th

Registration ends: March 7th

“I don’t think I’ve made a better, more life-changing choice than the decision to go to In The Gap, other than my salvation prayer.

Looking back, God has taught me so much through this program.

Not just practical skills such as public speaking, planning effectively for classes, and tutoring children, but also in skills that I can use to further the kingdom of God such as presenting the Wordless Book, being a leader, and having the awareness that God is always there for us.

I have never relied on God SO MUCH in my whole life.” ~ Jeriah (California)

“How exciting to be part of a program God is using to turn America back to Him!

It was such a joy to encourage hundreds of children at school to base life’s decisions on what is right as well as explain Biblical concepts and lead children to Christ at Bible Club.

There were situations where I didn’t know what to do, but I saw God’s faithfulness first-hand as He taught me to rely on Him.

I wouldn’t trade the training and experience I received there for anything.” ~ Esther (West Virginia)

“The Lord has used my time here to completely change my life. My view of the world was small, so naturally, my view of God was also small.

While serving in Oklahoma, I saw kids who were broken and needy. I saw God working in real and measurable ways, and I met people who knew God for themselves.

I gained a hunger for a vibrant relationship with God and a desire to see Him work in my life.” ~ Katherine (North Carolina)