img_1786I love the difficult kids. I was a very logical type of kid, so I love to work with children that critically examine what I teach about Christ. While these students tend to make sharp comments, their sarcasm often comes from a highly developed mind.

At Bible club, I had a very fun group of girls. They were very attentive, but it was difficult to teach that many girls in a small group setting. We had seventeen students at one point, and eventually we had to split off so I only had eleven. I felt overwhelmed and wondered if any of them were truly being reached.

I had Yocelyn on my group. Intelligent, sarcastic, and obviously hurting, she had a sharp wit that she used to cut those around her. It is easy to regard children like that as disruptions or troublemakers, but in reality, they’re the thinkers.  

It was the second to last week. We sat in large group, listening as the leader was sharing about Christ’s blood and how it cleanses us from sin, when Yocelyn leaned over and asked me a penetrating question. I answered it as quietly as I could.

Another question followed instantly. Again, I answered it. Her voice continued to rise as her mind played with what she was hearing. She wanted answers and she wanted them now!

Even with eleven girls, I wasn’t going to let this one go! I pulled her out of the group and into the hallway. As we talked, she listened with complete interest and focus, looking at the verses I showed her.

img_7542“Yocelyn, have you ever made the decision to become God’s child before?”

She shook her head.

“Would you like to?”


Too shy to pray in front of me, she ran to a corner alone to tell Jesus what was going on inside of her heart. I could see a new peace behind the brilliant twinkle in her eyes.

The rest of the afternoon, she was different. It was a subtle difference. The way she handled herself and smiled demonstrated the change that Christ had made inside her. My brilliant little thinker is going to be a world-changer!

The children that are easiest to disregard are often the most important to reach. They’re our future! They will change our world. Julia Duncan, Community Ministry Director

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