What should we teach?

It was time to plan for the next day of school. My teaching partner and I sat down, img_2957_resizedprayed, and began planning. We knew that we were going to teach 4th-6th graders, but we had very few ideas in our lesson plan. The 6th grade class was especially worrisome because at times, the students in that class were excited and engaged, but other times, they seemed bored. We were out of ideas on what to do, so our school leader came over and started asking us questions about the class to help us figure out a good solution. That’s when God gave my teaching partner and me a brilliant idea!

One of my illustrations was to tell a story, but I really didn’t want to bore the 6th graders by having them sit through a disengaging story. My teaching partner shared an idea that could bring the story to life and include the kids, so we got all the supplies and props that we needed to make this idea a reality!

img_2739_resizedThe next day we went to our first class using the new idea, and it went really well! But that was with the 4th grade class, and our 6th grade class was scheduled to be next. My teaching partner and I went in and began teaching. To our amazement, they enjoyed the activity immensely, and nearly everyone was fascinated!

That day was one of my best teaching days at that school. Every single class enjoyed the activity and not only were the children engaged, but a teacher in a particular class was so captivated by what was going on that she sat with the children to listen with them!

God reminded me that He helps us in our times of need and He never leaves us or forsakes us! What an honor it is to experience that firsthand! Lydia Martens, Level 1

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