Character Education

The Purpose

In The Gap encourages children to develop positive character traits such as Responsibility, Self-Control, Truthfulness, Discretion, and Gratefulness. If applied while still young, these character traits will help develop their ability to govern themselves, have personal integrity, and become effective leaders for tomorrow.

What it Looks Like

Simply defined, character is who you are when no one else is watching. Personal character is expressed when pressure, difficulties, and/or temptations are encountered because what we are made of is brought to light during times of testing. Each person is shaped by the personal character they demonstrate since character shapes our habits and our habits determine our destiny.

Character Education classes taught by In The Gap volunteers consists of teaching character qualities in local elementary schools that will encourage students and staff to develop and model personal character.

Using the Character First! Education curriculum, volunteers teach in schools, visiting classrooms on a weekly or bi-weekly basis and presenting a thirty minute character lesson to the children. Additionally, our teams offer school-wide assemblies to enhance the classroom presentations or to provide an alternative to schools that desire to have monthly school-wide assembly presentations.

If you are interested in having volunteers conduct Character First! classes at your school or if you would like to learn how to implement Character First! with your teachers and staff at your classroom or school, please contact Chad Christiansen using our contact page (click here)

For more information about additional training, curriculum, and resources that Character First! offers, please visit:

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