Several weeks ago, we had our summer program, Operation Impact! One of the goals of this program is multiplication: we equip young people with the skills to actually lead their own Bible Club in their home city. God had been putting it on several of the young people’s hearts to take the skills they learned to their home and host a Bible Club right where they lived!

Carolyn Hills lives in Miami, Florida, and attended Operation Impact this summer. This is her story of God working in her own neighborhood.

“I was filled with fear at the prospect of leading a Bible club on my own. All the unknowns started filling my head, drowning out all whispers of hope. Unknowns are scary to me. As I thought of where to do it, how to do it, who to do it with, and what I would even do, I came up with nothing but my own nervousness and fear. This was not good.

“I got in touch with a friend who leads Bible Clubs all the time. I told her my fears and asked her what to do. The first thing she told me to do was to pray. I had done so much freaking-out, but zero prayer. How could I have forgotten? The fears had overtaken my thoughts. I couldn’t even hear God’s Spirit. Almost immediately, I went to a quiet place and poured out my heart before God. I told Him my fears and unknowns. I told Him about my inadequacy. I surrendered the club to Him. Then, the unexplainable happened: He filled me with His unfathomable peace.

“Shortly after this, I was reading in 1 John 4, and read verse 18, which says: “There is no fear in love; but perfect love casteth out fear…” God told me not to fear. I asked Him to fill me with His perfect and complete love so that all fear would be banished. And He did!

“God is so cool! He took all fear from me and replaced it with His amazing love. I realized He was taking care of every single detail of this Bible club. He knew which kids would come, who would teach the curriculum, where the club would be held, how it would all come together, and everything in between. He knew, even though I didn’t.

“Watching God put the whole Bible club together was amazing. I cannot take credit for any of it. God brought the right kids – all thirteen of them! God gave us sunshine, even though it was scheduled to rain all week. God gave us energy and endurance when we thought we couldn’t go on. And God revealed His truth to me and the precious children that came to Bible club.”

We are so excited about those that are using the skills they learned here and leading Bible Clubs! Please take a moment to pray for these young people as they have a positive impact for God’s kingdom across the country.