Have you ever gone to a camp or event that started a change in your life?

Before Operation Impact last summer, I was content living in my own comfort zone and being self-focused. I didn’t view the need to tell others about Christ as an urgent matter, but instead, I assumed that everyone knew about Him already. I was ill-equipped and didn’t have a heart for reaching people, or for sharing His love with them.

During Operation Impact, I learned how to share the good news, communicate, and teach children effectively. I saw a need for the Gospel like never before! There were kids who had actually never heard about Jesus. He showed me that each of these kids have individual needs, and that we as Christians are His hands and feet. It completely stunned me that we serve as the connecting point to show His love to others. God wanted to use me, and I might be the only extension of Jesus they will ever see.

At the end of that summer, I felt an urgency to reach people like never before. I attended Level 1 at In The Gap to be better equipped with tangible skills. After going back home, I got in touch with some local schools and we were able to start two Bible clubs right in my community!

It was unbelievable to see God work right in my home area. The kids have grown so much at club! I watched as God placed a vision for eternity and worked in the children’s hearts. Not only did they have a passion for wanting to learn and grow themselves, but they shared the things they were learning at club with the other kids at school!

None of those things would’ve happened if God didn’t get ahold of me and completely change my life through Operation Impact. Not only did the change affect me, but because of the mindset shift, the kids I came in contact with back home were also touched. The impact is spreading, and God used In The Gap as the beginning of a journey that will never end! Katye Leggett, Level 3 graduate

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