A Biblically-based Character Curriculum

Created to meet the growing need for engaging, Biblical instruction for children, the INSPIRE Curriculum brings the character of Christ to life in a fun and practical way.



Instruction Time

There are 4 weeks of instruction per booklet. Each week is split into two sections, one for older students and one for younger.

Age of Students

This curriculum was designed for children ages 5-12. The lessons have been prepared specifically so that this age group can easily understand and relate to the content.


Different Uses


  • VBS
  • Homeschool Devotionals
  • Bible time
  • Sunday School
  • Bible Study
  • and more!

What's in each Booklet?


    Each week contains the following:

  • A teacher’s preparation devotional
  • A definition of the character quality
  • A question of the week
  • Group setting welcome, rules, verses, songs, Bible lesson, and game time
  • Two active games or activities
  • Four illustrations
  • Two hands-on crafts
  • Practical action steps

Why Teach Character?

God is the Creator who initiated all things, and godliness ultimately comes from Him. When we learn about and practice good character, we are reflecting His nature, which is evident throughout the Word of God and the life of Christ. (2 Peter 1:2-8) Studying Biblical character qualities gives us a practical picture of what godly conduct looks like in everyday life. It also intentionally increases our awareness of our daily choices, and gives us direction in aligning ourselves to Christ’s character.

We are so excited to introduce our first edition booklets!

These booklets will be available for purchase starting December 1st, 2020

More are on the way!