Community Link

(Currently in early development stage)


In The Gap’s Community Link Programs seek to connect various community sectors (individuals, families, schools, businesses, and churches) to help them work together in order to strengthen their neighborhood and community.

One aspect will be to assist local individuals, families, and churches in finding practical ways they can invest in the people around their area. Since In The Gap’s main community focus is reaching children, our desire is to support, build up, and equip local congregations to minister to the entire family. Biblical discipleship will be the key and will be the emphasis we will strongly encourage and support.

Beyond partnering with a church, In The Gap will seek to connect with other ministries and organizations that are looking to encourage positive character and spiritual development. Additional Community Link programs could include, but not be limited to, Summer Day Camps (sports, activities, learning, etc.), neighborhood clean up/service projects, special events, skills training for older students, food distribution, tutoring, crime prevention, etc.