Summer Missionaries

What it will look like:

Our two and a half week outreach will begin with four days of training at Eagle Springs Retreat Center to prepare the summer missionaries. During this time you will receive sessions to encourage you in your personal walk with Jesus, to inspire you to invest in eternity, and practical training to equip you to teach the 5-Day Bible Clubs.

There will be three levels of training. Beginners will learn the basics: how to teach a deep engaging Bible lesson, an inspiring missionary story, and meaningful songs and verses. You will learn how to present your lesson in an exciting way that will relate to the needs of the children.

In the advanced level you will learn how to strength your teaching skills. You will learn creative ways to share the gospel and also have a chance to put your experience to work by helping those in the first level.

Our leadership level is designed to equip summer missionaries who will be serving as team leaders. Through the training and hands on experience you will grow as a leader as you help mentor your team and coordinate the clubs. You learn about all of the specifics that go into setting up a 5-Day Bible Club and the qualities needed to lead your team successfully.

The first full week will also be located at Eagle Springs. Summer missionaries will be split into teaching teams and begin preparing for their assigned lessons during the week. In the morning each member will have a chance to practice the material they will teach that day. Then in the afternoon they will go teach children in a club that a local Church has set up!

For the final week we will minister in Oklahoma City. Each team will be partnering with a church teaching three 5-Day Bible Clubs a day. We will be working in communities that we are already involved in during the school year through either Character Classes or Bible Club. Through the 5-Day Bible Clubs we will be able to deepen our involvement in these communities and reach more children with the gospel!

An Additional Opportunity: THSC

Join us for a road trip to Houston Texas! We will be working with the Texas Home School Coalition, or THSC, teaching children during the Kids Convention. After Operation IMPACT on Wednesday the 19th, we will drive down to Houston. Training will be on Thursday, and the convention will be all day Friday and Saturday. You can then fly out of Houston on Sunday, July 23rd.

This is an amazing opportunity to impact children’s lives as a small group leader. Last summer children had to be turned away from the event because they didn’t have enough teachers. Your involvement will allow more children to build a solid foundation of truth into their lives. The cost for this week is only $50!

Find out more about THSC here, or paste this link into your browser:

Summer Missionary Sign Up

Summer Missionary Sign Up

“God showed me that He can still work and do the impossible, even when I have no energy left to give.”

Elisa Joulfaian

“God used Operation IMPACT to teach me how to speak in public.”

Anna Joulfaian

“Through the tough and fun of it all, I grew a lot as a person and child of God at Operation IMPACT. I learned to give thanks in ALL things, praise Him in everything, and trust Him in impossible situations.”

Sarah Reeves

5-Day Bible Club Strategy:

These clubs will be held in the community, at parks, apartment complexes, or backyards. This will allow us to reach children and families who might never come to a church. Clubs will be two hours long and free to any children who want to come. The club will include games, lessons, verses, songs, and snacks. Through these things the teachers will have the opportunity to share Jesus’ love both through lessons and building relationships with the children.

Each club will be hosted by a local church. By partnering with local churches, impact will be able to continue long after the 5-Day Club ends. The churches are not only hosting the clubs but also a Friday night program including a dinner at the church. This will be the grand finale of the week of clubs. There will be games, prizes, and the last missionary story for the children. The children will also be able to show their parents what they’ve learned as we do verses and songs.

This is an amazing opportunity. Children will be evangelized. Families will be introduced to the local body of Christ, and the church will have an opportunity to continue to disciple those in their community.

“…The harvest truly is great, but the laborers are few. Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that He would send forth laborers into His harvest.” –Luke 10:20

For the final week we will blitz Oklahoma City with the 5-Day Bible Clubs! We will work in communities where we currently have a Bible Club during the school year. Here we especially want to deepen the impact that is being made both by reaching out to more children in the community and connecting them with a church.

Each of the churches in OKC will be setting up three clubs in their community. Our eight teams will each have three clubs that they teach everyday throughout the week. They will be able to impact many lives as they share Jesus love and the lessons they have prepared.

Again the partnering Churches will each put on a Friday night program that will include fun and food where they will be able to connect with the families in the community.