Training Overview

In The Gap’s training program is a lot more than just lectures or text books. It’s a compilation of life lessons and practical application that you can take and apply whoever you are, wherever you’re going. While learning how to be a good public speaker and communicator of truth, you will also receive training on how to tell inspiring stories, teach about life-changing character, and passionately share the Gospel. The things you will learn while working and serving with us will help you walk confidently on the path of life God has placed before you.

If you have an interest in serving with us, but think that you don’t really need the training, then consider this: these skills are not fleeting passions, but investments that are going to help and challenge you, as well as the people you are going to come into contact with, for years to come.

Level 1 - The Teacher

In Level 1 the emphasis is learning how to teach in such a way that causes the children to enjoy and remember what you say. This level covers everything from how to write an effective lesson plan and design object lessons to how to relate to teachers and children so you are completely prepared to walk into a school and present character lessons or step into Bible Club ready to share the gospel, lead a team of children in understanding God’s Word, and present a dynamic Bible lesson in large group.

By the end of the session you will have completed 53 hours of classroom instruction, plus hands on teaching experience in schools as well as after-school clubs. Some extra courses included in Level 1 are Bruce Wilkinson’s Teaching with Style course and Child Evangelism Fellowship’s Teaching Children Effectively Level One.

Level 2 - The Communicator

In Level 2 the goal is to refine your skills in effective communications. It takes you through an extensive public speaking course by John Maxwell titled Everyone Communicates, Few Connect which addresses overcoming fear of public speaking, organizing your talk for maximum impact, reaching the heart of your audience, and making your speeches count for eternity. You will also have the opportunity to expand your storytelling skills, enhance your teaching abilities, and become more adept at teaching any age range. Plus, you’ll get to dig into God’s Word to complete a paper on “why you believe what you believe.” This Level also covers Bruce Wilkinson’s course on the 7 Laws of the Learner to assist you as you perfect your teaching skills. The total classroom instruction time is 34 hours, in addition to hands on teaching experience in schools and after-school clubs.

Level 3 - The Leader

In Level 3, leadership is the focus. In our day and age, the ability to stand alone and lead by example and action is crucial. You will be challenged to do this through the leadership courses that include Bruce Wilkinson’s The Vision of the Leader and Howard Hendrick’s 7 Laws of the Teacher. You will receive training on being a teacher-trainer as well, and will be able to experience teaching your peers. The course concludes with classes that will allow you to be recognized by Character First! as a Certified Character Coach. Along with classroom instruction, there are several books that you will be personally responsible to complete during the session. Classroom instruction is approximately 40 hours, plus hands on teaching experience in schools and after-school clubs.

Level 4 - The Mentor

Once the first three levels are completed, you can return as an Ambassador for advanced leadership development. The training courses include: Bruce Wilkinson’s The Dream Giver series, Dr. Howard Hendrick’s Living By The Book series (which provides useful tools for in-depth personal spiritual growth), and Jeff Myer’s Passing the Baton mentoring series. Ambassador Training also covers a study on spiritual gifts and how to more deeply develop them, and entails learning and conducting various office responsibilities, assisting with all three levels of training, and developing further personally by reading the writings of great men to strengthen your walk with God on a daily basis. You will also have the opportunity to continue having hands on teaching experience in schools and after-school clubs.


Requirements of Completion

To complete each level of training you must: Satisfactorily complete all lesson plans and assignments, complete a full session of service, and conduct yourself in a mature and respectable way. Once a level is completed, the next level must be started within the next 6 months. If the returning time is over 6 months, you must retake the last completed level.

Getting Involved

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