Angelo Oliverio Jr.

Angelo serves the young men who intern with In The Gap through giving them guidance, accountability, and coaching on drawing closer to the Lord and becoming men of Integrity. He also serves in other capacities such as computer services and strategic planning. Angelo completed the In The Gap Internship several years ago and then joined our staff team shortly thereafter.

“When I first came to In The Gap, I had no idea how much of an affect it would have on the way I live! The time I’ve spent here has become the most memorable and impacting period of my life.

For a little background, I’m the sixth-born of eight children and was home-schooled. I enjoy music, teaching, sports and parkour. Writing is also a huge passion of mine that I want to use to share Truth with those who need it most.

God has placed in my heart the desire to encourage young people to live their lives completely for Him with no reserves and to take back the social spheres that God created for His glory, but that Satan has hijacked for his own purposes. I want to see young people do what is right: no apologies, no excuses, no exceptions. The life of a person who is dedicated to loving, following, and obeying Jesus is the kind of life that God can use to change the world. My goal is to do everything I can to help equip the world-changers who come through In The Gap so they can do what God has called them to do. And praise the Lord, he’s placed me in a position to have a part in doing just that.”


Strategic Analyst, In The Gap

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