Angelo & Laura Oliverio

Mr. Oliverio serves as the Community Liaison. He is passionate about connecting and serving with individuals, churches, and government agencies in our community. He also loves working on the technical and logistical needs of both the staff and Leaders in Training here at In The Gap. He enjoys databases and strives to help each department function as efficiently and effectively as possible. He loves life and his family!

Mrs. Oliverio serves as the Education Coordinator. She oversees the Leadership Academy training, grades homework, and helps with the culinary, transportation, and communication needs that arise here at In The Gap. Mrs. Oliverio also assists in editing our monthly newsletters and Bible club curriculum. She is passionate about maximizing the effectiveness of this organization and increasing our impact on eternity.

We are hoping to use the thirty-three years of experience in the business world and our twenty-five years of homeschooling experience to help this ministry become as efficient and effective as possible.

We have always had a heart for kids who live in the inner city. We ran a small school for four years in the inner city of Rochester, NY and saw what a difference a steady Christian presence can make in a young person’s life. Looking at the present and the future, we are able to see the impact this ministry has had on each of our children individually as well as our family as a whole. We have had seven out of eight of our children attend ITG. The return on investment is staggering. The direction of our family was wonderfully changed to the point that we are now here at ITG gladly helping out. We both love looking at current strategies and coming up with ideas to minimize time and maximize effectiveness. It has been an honor to come alongside other staff members and help them refine their processes to make this organization even more excellent!

We are very excited about helping disciple the next generation of leaders and World Changers!

Angelo & Laura

Community Liaison and Education Coordinator, In The Gap

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