Even though Ryan was only 9 years old, he was desperately looking for hope. Ryan didn’t know anything about Jesus, but he was searching. He was hungry for the truth.

In January 2012, as Ryan continued searching for answers, he attended a Bible Club that was being hosted at his school by In The Gap. It was there that Ryan heard the amazing news that Jesus created him and loved him so much that He died on the cross for his sins. In the corner of the cafeteria, Ryan pondered what he had heard and realized this is what he had been searching for. He quietly prayed and invited Jesus to come into his life and be his Savior. That instant, Ryan stepped from death into eternal life! Immediately, he knew his life had radically changed! His eternal trajectory was changed! God became real to Ryan and his life has never been the same. The ripple effect of his decision to follow Christ 11 years ago is impacting generations now and to come!

This summer, Ryan shared his powerful testimony with our Operation Impact Summer Missionaries. Enjoy this inspiring story of God working in a young boy who’s life was changed forever.